Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting Pinned

And I'm not talking about Pinterest, folks.
I'm talking about this: And a little of this:


The first thing people ask when they hear I'm trying acupuncture is "does is hurt?" And the short answer is YES!! It does hurt, people. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. But it isn't terrible. Some needles I don't feel at all; most feel like a quick bee sting. Past the initial sharp pinch, tho, I lie in a dark room for 25 minutes (with around 20 pins down my back, hips and sciatic nerve) and I usually don't feel a thing.

Of course the other big question is "does it work?" Well, that one is a little bit longer to answer. It's hard to say definitively. But....I think so? It took quite a few treatments for me to feel any difference at all (not to mention I was the hugest skeptic ever).

But the reduction in pain has not been an overwhelming-100%-I'm healed-kind of thing. BUT. I have noticed small changes, mostly in my stamina. It seems like I'm able to stand/sit/walk longer before pain gets unbearable. Or like I'm able walk around two stores now instead of just one before I have to head home and lie down. Simple stuff like that. Stuff that to healthy person may not seem significant enough to really be worth it. But to someone like me, someone who had reached the end, tried it all and seen no change for years....well, having a bit more stamina kinda seems like a mini miracle. And since it isn't in the form of some new medication I have to ingest--people--I will take it!! Pin me!

Acupuncture is weird. There's no doubt about that. I don't totally get how it works. But somehow, it must. It feel a similar relief in pain to when I take a steroid, so I'm pretty sure it's helping reduce inflammation somehow.

I think in order to try it, you'd have to be in a place like me--desperation:) --for the money, effort, time and pinching to be worth it. But that's up to the person and their need. Who knows? Maybe for someone who doesn't have the humongo issues I do, it would be a complete miracle. There are tons of letters hanging up all around my doctor's office from other end-of-their-rope folks like me. People in all sorts of pain who found relief and many, many testimonies from women dealing with infertility (all with a picture of their new little baby attached and lots of praise for acupuncture.)

It seems so strange that getting stuck all over with pins could do anything good, but I've been known to say I'd hang by my toenails if it would help me feel what's a few little sterile needles, right?

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  1. If I was in your position, I'm sure I wouldn't mind being hung by my toenails either:) Maybe that will be the new craze:) Yes, what's a few sterile needles... great perspective.