Thursday, September 26, 2013

"About Me" Tabs

Well, I'm feeling rather fancy pants today because I just added two "About Me" type pages to the top of this blog, just like the real bloggers do! It's about time, really.  God's done some fun things for me since I first started writing here and I wanted to reflect a bit of that in this story. Did He heal me and take the pain away? No. Am I still constantly bumping into disappointment and things I can't do? Yes. But He's been faithful to me too, and I finally can see that clearly.  He's slowed me down and changed my perspectives and dreamed up joys I never would have thought of for myself.  Things that wouldn't have come without desperate prayer, and having my life turned upside down. 
I talk in more detail about it there, so just click the tabs up top to read more.