Friday, October 29, 2010

The good, the hopeful part

This morning it was just SaraRose and me.

For a mother who has very few moments alone with her little girl, to me, each one is sacred.
This is the first time we've gone out, just the two of us, in two months.
As I breathed in the fresh air with her little hand in mine, my heart could hardly take in the gladness the simple act of running an errand brought me.
We got in the car and SaraRose quickly said "Turn it up, I like this song!" as she lifted her arms and (very cutely) acted out playing a tiny violin along along with the intro.

And as we drove, I too was drawn into the beautiful melody and calming words. I smiled brightly as my little one sang along loudly from the back seat.
"I want to hear it again!" she said, and so did I. So I hit repeat, and we both sang along over and over again.
I don't know if there is much sweeter than looking in the rear view mirror to see a tiny little mouth singing about the deep, deep love of Jesus. And watching a chubby toddler hand raised in praise as she copies what her mommy's doing in the front seat.
And, heck, there is not much better than singing praises to Him for that deep, deep love yourself.

Regardless of what the truck driver next to you thinks. ;)

When life takes a jagged turn and to your story is added chapters you never wished for, it's hard to take for granted those perfect moments when your story looks just like (or even better) than you imagined it would.
And as we got out of the car, I sent a prayer into the blue sky that there would be more, many more glimpses into the good, the hopeful part of my story.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My favorite time of day

My hubby, bless his heart, does alot.

He doesn't stop
From the moment he walks in the door

And has a toddler clammering for his attention.

He helps with supper.

And then it's my time to rest

(A-GAIN). I'm sick of resting.

But that's a post for another day.

Then he plays with the munchkin til she drops.

Then he helps her into pjs, brushes her teeth

and I join them for family devotions.

...then back to bed I go....

As he loads the dishwasher

(while rockin out to his ipod),
takes out the trash,

staightens up the house,

irons his shirt,

and hops in the shower.


Then its my favorite time of day.

(At least til things with me get better????)

But that's a post for another day too.
Yes. My favorite time of the day.

When he finally can relax.

And I love that for him.

When there's not one more thing he has to take care of.

And I sigh relief for him.

My favorite time of day.

He climbs on the bed,

and I massage his sore neck.

(Uh don't worry. This isn't getting kinky.)

Finally something I can do to help him.

And we watch TV.

And we laugh

About the ham-bone guys we secretly love on American Pickers.

And the spookiness of Keith Morrison's voice on Dateline.

About how Michael Scott is a crack up

....and when is Holly coming back already?

And I tease him that Man vs. Wild is so fake,

but he's a total sucker for it anyway.

And we chat.

About how cute SaraRose was that day.

And about how Corey and Kat just need to talk it out on LA Ink.

And what tattoos we would get, if we were tattoo people.

And about how things went that day at the bank.

And how Glee is so great, but the raunchiness is a total fail.

And about how my mom and I are getting along.
And that we just don't get what's so fantastic about 30 Rock.

And how it's crazy that Antique's Roadshow sucks us in every. single. time.

And how if I were ever on a gameshow

It'd be something like "Are you smarter than a 5th Grader" or "The Price is Right."

And what we'd do with the money (or grandfather clock) if I won.

Yea. It's not exciting.

But it is good.

It's not what our evenings used to look like.

When I was well and up and buzzing around.

But it's still a blast.

We still have fun together.

And, well, that's really what it's all about anyway.

And I love it.

Monday, October 18, 2010


So the one thing I asked for during this recovery is a scale for the bathroom.

Yep. I knew I'd need to keep my eye on things since my mom's favorite way to keep me happy is stuffing our cabinets full of my favorite foods. Asking her not to is pointless. I swear the woman wants chubby children. ;)

Hello Doritoes! White cheddar popcorn! Donuts! Cupcakes! Totinos pizza! and oh so much more. Walking in the kitchen is like walking into my own custom made Willie Wonka heaven.

I won't say I haven't enjoyed it. It was all very yummy and exciting for like the first month when I was all still at my Weight Watcher goal weight.

Fast forward eight weeks, and enter the new scale.

All I can say is UNFORTUNATELY the scale is not defective. The numbers are sliding up in perfect sync with my tasty little eating spree. Boooooo.

And so, also unfortunately...I'll be chanting inspirational quotes with the old ladies again in no time. ;)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

She's older, I'm sentimental

Today is my little girl's birthday.
She's 3.
And full of imagination, hope and wonder.
She lights up my world.
The embodiment of the beauty, love, and goodness in my life.
My SaraRose Joy
Her eyes are bright, her spirit is bubbly, her heart is tender.
And I get to be her mom.
The one who holds her tight and listens to all she has to say.
There's only one, and it is me.
My heart overflows.

So now on a lighter note, I'm kinda laughing at myself...but I'm also very teary today. Why? Because I keep thinking of this song. SaraRose hasn't even lived long enough to do half the memories mentioned, and I'm already sad they'll be over someday. So I cry....then I laugh because I know it's a little ridiculous I'm crying. My sentimental heart can wear me out sometimes! ;)
Either way, I kinda love this song. And Meryl? Well, she's just AWESOME.