Monday, October 18, 2010


So the one thing I asked for during this recovery is a scale for the bathroom.

Yep. I knew I'd need to keep my eye on things since my mom's favorite way to keep me happy is stuffing our cabinets full of my favorite foods. Asking her not to is pointless. I swear the woman wants chubby children. ;)

Hello Doritoes! White cheddar popcorn! Donuts! Cupcakes! Totinos pizza! and oh so much more. Walking in the kitchen is like walking into my own custom made Willie Wonka heaven.

I won't say I haven't enjoyed it. It was all very yummy and exciting for like the first month when I was all still at my Weight Watcher goal weight.

Fast forward eight weeks, and enter the new scale.

All I can say is UNFORTUNATELY the scale is not defective. The numbers are sliding up in perfect sync with my tasty little eating spree. Boooooo.

And so, also unfortunately...I'll be chanting inspirational quotes with the old ladies again in no time. ;)

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