About Me & This Blog

Hello friend!
I am a young wife and mother who loves life and desires to be all God created me to be.
The past six years have been the most trying of my life, but I am learning a lot about letting go, trusting in what I cannot see and living with happiness one day at a time.

I started writing this blog shortly after my daughter was born, when I had to have three major back surgeries over the course of four years (I've had four surgeries all total). It was a devastating, life-altering season. Mostly because after doing everything right--after fervent prayer and seeking the counsel of many doctors--all of the surgeries failed.
I currently live with constant, debilitating pain.
This blog has been the place I've processed much of the loss that's brought with it, but it's also the place where I've recorded some of the hope I've found regardless of my circumstances.

I've never told many people that I write this blog just because much of what I say is my own work in progress--more like a journal than anything else. But if you're here, it's because I know you'll understand. So with that said, thanks for stopping by!

For more on me-- you can read my hundredth post where I wrote "100 Things About Me."