Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Favs: Summer Edition

Here are a few of my favorite things this summer.....
1). Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (and Other Concerns) and I Feel Bad About My Neck
I am a fan of the humorous essay, and both these authors do it really well.  Having a book of easy to read chapters is the perfect addition to any bedside table, and the whimsy and wit of both writers is a rare gift-- they're funny without being raunchy--and I call that a score.
Best part? Ideal for any time you need something to do, but only have a few minutes.
Down side? Is it cliche to buy a Nora Ephron book the day after her passing?  Probably, but I did it anyway. 

2). Weight Watchers String Cheese
I'm pretty much always watching my weight or straight up counting points on Weight Watchers. So I appreciate a yummy, low cal snack.  These are hands-down my favorite right now.
Best Part? It's the best tasting string cheese on the planet (so many are too cheesy.) Also, they are perfect consistency for optimum stringing. :)
Down Side? I've found that no one can eat string cheese in a delicate fashion.
Where to get it? I've seen them at Super Walmart but not at all grocery stores, so you'll have to check. I usually stock up when I see them.

3). Essie Turquoise and Caico Nail Polish
I'm can be a very boring person when it comes to toenail color.  I choose deep wine shades (and french manicures when done professionally) and that's about it.  The one time branched out and tried a "Navy Blue" that I hoped would look cute with jeans, it made my feet look purple and sickly. BUT THIS FUN, BREEZY AQUA IS PERFECT! Every time I look at my feet, I smile.
Best Part? It stays on with out chipping for-ever.  I mean really forever.  You will have to redo your nails because of growth before chipping. And I call that another score.
Down Side?  The consistency is thin you have to be careful of dripping and apply several coats. But my uber sylish sister-in-law (in the pic with me below) confirmed that the thinness is what makes it stay on so well. Alrighty then, I'll take it!
Where? Got mine at Target.

4). Neutrogena Build A Tan Sunless Tanning Lotion
This Florida girl has never tried a self-tanner.  I've been too traumatised by stories of streaks and orange hands and I love to lay by a pool anyway--so I've never felt the need.  Until I realized that I'm not a teenager anymore and that the world doesn't revolve around my relaxing and beach going. SO... I started small, and ya'll-- I'm in love.  I may never lay out again.
Best Part?  It goes on in one easy coat and gives a perfect, natural, healthy glow.
Down Side? I usually only put on one quick coat so if I shower the next day it will fade and I'll have to reapply.
Where? I got mine at Target. I love Target.
I'm wearing it in this pic.  Pretty natural, right?


5). Publix Deli Chips and Salsa
This picture does not do this dip justice. Oh, how I wish I could give you a sample--because I'm sure you would do just what my friend Summer did after she tried it--stop on the way home to buy yourself some.  It's chopped and assembled fresh in the deli and I'm telling you people, it will forever change your chips and salsa experience.  And I do love me a good chips and salsa experience.
Best Part? It's scrumptious, sweet, and ZERO Weight Watchers Points.
Down Side?  You can only buy it at Publix.
Where?  By the packaged cheeses and meats in the Deli selection.
I'm going to go eat some right now.

Hope you're having a good summer! Any favs you want to share with me?