Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Tomorrow is THE BIG DAY.
Surgery begins at 9:30 am.
Praying for a miracle.
No matter what, I know God's got it.
I have a peaceful heart.
(I think the prayer below WORKS ;)

So hear we go.....
plugging my nose
jumping in.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Lord, give me today the things I need for today.

That will be my prayer before my feet hit the floor each day this week.
Because we are there.
The last weekend before my parent's anniversary party.
Wednesday is Sept 1st. (My stomach just knotted up.)
There's a lot to do.
Two doctor's appointments, blood work, signing scary papers, explaining, planning,
Combined with--
Family flying in, happiness, hugs, jokes, laughter, decorating, celebrating, living.

It's gonna be a weird week. It's probably good to keep my mind occupied. But the mixture is making for some crazy roller coaster emotions.
I hope I can hold it together.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Wink and a Smile

Since I am quickly trying to fulfill as many things left on my checklist that I can before Sept. 1, I decided to squeeze in a trip to this awesome public pool/slide extravaganza place I saw just down the road from us. I had driven by it once, thought it looked like so much fun and have had going there stuck in my mind for over a year now. I mentioned I wanted to do it within the next few weeks so my friend, Summer, met to go with me yesterday morning.
Of course, I’ve been all talking it up to SaraRose like “on Friday we’re going to the funnest pool ever! There are slides and waterfalls and all sorts of things to explore!” And I, myself, am getting pumped just picturing this dream checked off my list while she and I have a blast with the few other toddlers and moms who might be there.
So as we drive around the corner yesterday, I see it--the massive pool and the silly slides......
…..and it is not the vision of my dreams.
But rather an enormous waterworks filled to the brim with big, loud, crazy campers and kids with their yelling chaperones. It’s so jam-packed I can’t even spot water, just bathing-suited masses of humanity. And pumping loudly into my car window I hear “Who-Let-The-Dogs-Out?-woof-woof-woof-woof -woof” from the massive pool speakers.
And then.
Then I hear the life-guard announce, “Little girl’s bathing suit contest starts in ten minutes!”
Oh. my. word. Get me the heck out of here!
I whipped the car around and started laughing.
Because I crack myself up. This is not the waterpark of my dreams. In fact it’s quite the opposite. And I’m so amused, because this is one of my quirkiest habits: I have super high expectations when I’ve wanted to do something for a long time. I get a perfect picture in my imagination of the way all of it is going to go down.
And I know that every once in a while it’s really, REALLY good for me to get a big old dose of reality. It’s almost like God looks down, winks at me and says, “Kristen, you ain’t missin as much as you think you are!”

So back to our sweet, quiet little condo pool we went with no “little girl bathing suit contests” in sight.
and we all had a fabulous time. ;)

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Check List (full of blessing)

My next surgery is scheduled for September 1st. It seems soooooo close and there's a lot to do in the mean time. And even though I am a little sad we decided to move the surgery date up, I am still unbelievably grateful for every single moment I've had in between. It's been a much needed rest, and I've treasured it by the minute.
Since I've known for a while I'd be facing this, I've had a mental check-list of things I hoped to enjoy before it happened. And God has given me them and then some.
So be thankful with me as I share some of the list of blessings I've been able to check off before heading into this next hurdle.

*Iowa trip: check!

*Awesome new camera: check!
*Photography class: check!
*Being a happy wife again: did-my-best-check ;)
*Family Disney trip: check!

*and double check!

*Grocery shopping: check!
*Going to the movies: even-made-it-to-a-Broadway-show check!

*Growing closer to God: by His grace...check
*Weekend away just me and the hubby: check!

*Consistently involved at church/small group/activities: check!

*Potty training: check!

*Cultivating friendships: check!
*A few updates around the house: check!

*Spending time at home just me and SaraRose (there are a lot that have to do her so bear with me here ;) *Library time, *picking her up from Sunday School, *rocking her, *riding a carousel with her, *hanging together with other moms with toddlers: all-that-and-more-check!

and last but certainly not least...
(drum roll please)

*Losing post-surgery weight gained: 2 pounds-to-go-check!

Woo hoo! Thank you, Lord. Of course maybe there is more I wish I could have done or whatever. But God's sovereignty is perfect. And I rest in that. And in the fact that He owes me nothing. And yet, He gives because He loves me.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

5% and a laugh

Y'all. I so wish you could have been with me today at the Weight Watcher meeting. Because I had no one to joke with about standing there chanting "EATING IN PRIVATE SHOWS UP IN PUBLIC!"
I end up stifling a laugh thru most of the hour! I wish you were a fly on the wall to enjoy it with me. ;)
HOWEVER~ I also met my 5% goal today! I got a sticker and a few grudging claps.
Laughable or not, I gotta give WW major props! 8 pounds down! SU-weeet!! because as we at Weight Watchers like to say (or chant, if you're in meeting mode) "NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS BEING THIN!" (grin).