Friday, August 13, 2010

The Check List (full of blessing)

My next surgery is scheduled for September 1st. It seems soooooo close and there's a lot to do in the mean time. And even though I am a little sad we decided to move the surgery date up, I am still unbelievably grateful for every single moment I've had in between. It's been a much needed rest, and I've treasured it by the minute.
Since I've known for a while I'd be facing this, I've had a mental check-list of things I hoped to enjoy before it happened. And God has given me them and then some.
So be thankful with me as I share some of the list of blessings I've been able to check off before heading into this next hurdle.

*Iowa trip: check!

*Awesome new camera: check!
*Photography class: check!
*Being a happy wife again: did-my-best-check ;)
*Family Disney trip: check!

*and double check!

*Grocery shopping: check!
*Going to the movies: even-made-it-to-a-Broadway-show check!

*Growing closer to God: by His grace...check
*Weekend away just me and the hubby: check!

*Consistently involved at church/small group/activities: check!

*Potty training: check!

*Cultivating friendships: check!
*A few updates around the house: check!

*Spending time at home just me and SaraRose (there are a lot that have to do her so bear with me here ;) *Library time, *picking her up from Sunday School, *rocking her, *riding a carousel with her, *hanging together with other moms with toddlers: all-that-and-more-check!

and last but certainly not least...
(drum roll please)

*Losing post-surgery weight gained: 2 pounds-to-go-check!

Woo hoo! Thank you, Lord. Of course maybe there is more I wish I could have done or whatever. But God's sovereignty is perfect. And I rest in that. And in the fact that He owes me nothing. And yet, He gives because He loves me.

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