Sunday, October 10, 2010

She's older, I'm sentimental

Today is my little girl's birthday.
She's 3.
And full of imagination, hope and wonder.
She lights up my world.
The embodiment of the beauty, love, and goodness in my life.
My SaraRose Joy
Her eyes are bright, her spirit is bubbly, her heart is tender.
And I get to be her mom.
The one who holds her tight and listens to all she has to say.
There's only one, and it is me.
My heart overflows.

So now on a lighter note, I'm kinda laughing at myself...but I'm also very teary today. Why? Because I keep thinking of this song. SaraRose hasn't even lived long enough to do half the memories mentioned, and I'm already sad they'll be over someday. So I cry....then I laugh because I know it's a little ridiculous I'm crying. My sentimental heart can wear me out sometimes! ;)
Either way, I kinda love this song. And Meryl? Well, she's just AWESOME.

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