Friday, June 24, 2011

Our Home: Come In and Sit a Spell!

If I can't find anything to watch on television, HGTV is my default channel.
I love House Hunters (especially the International episodes). My favorites are the ones where the house hunter couple has a little pep, and the homes are all so interesting it's too close to call. It's fun little show.
So given my interest at peaking into the places people call home, I thought I'd invite you into ours. It's just a little 2 b/2b condo, but we love it. Come on in and see!
This is the entrance hallway (that's the front door with the M on it).
That hallway leads to our main space. The living/dining/library/office/play room. This room knows how to multi-task, yes siree.

The living space leads around to the kitchen.

Then if we backtrack down the hallway you can turn left down another little hall. On the right will be our guest bathroom.
Then, on the left you'll see Andrew and my bedroom.
....and the master bath off our bedroom.
SaraRose's room is at the end of the second little hallway. This has become my favorite room in the house. Several sweet elements came together to decorate it very easily. I painted her name on the wall before she was born, and her bed (which I also repainted) was made by my late grandfather and has now slept 3 generations of Lancaster girls. I didn't necessarily plan it, but it all fit together nicely.

As you head out of the house, we have a little fountian and bench outside the front door.

And that's it! Hope you enjoyed the tour. Ya'll come back now, ya hear?

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