Saturday, July 9, 2011

My favs: The pricey edition

Do you remember that cartoon Duck Tales? My sister and I watched it faithfully every day after school. "Duck Tales, wooooo-ooooo!" Ah, the memories. Now, do you also recall how sometimes Scrooge McDuck would do the backstroke thru a large vat of money? Yea. Well, you might just need a large vat of your own to afford some of the things I'm going to list here! But still. I thought you may enjoy seeing some of the stuff I find fabulous enough to spend big bucks on. I am a frugal, inexpensive shopper pretty much all the time. But when it comes to a few items, I really agree with what my dad says every single time he buys a Daniel Cremieux tie--"you get what you pay for." :)
Alright. Grab those Benjamens and here we go....
#1) Biolage Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioning Balm.
Not gonna lie, I definitely splurge on my hair. And Biolage is my one true love when it comes to products. To me, no drugstore shampoo can even come close to how manageble and light Biolage leaves my hair. I've used it since the highschool perm days and it's never let me down. Not to mention that the smell of the shampoo remains one of my favorite scents in the whole wide world--I've been known to stop in a store aisle just to have a sniff. :)
#2) DKNY One-Shoulder One Piece.
Anytime I buy a bathing suit, I invest in a more expensive one (like $100 range *cough*). But to me, It. Is. Worth it. They're made better and the fabric is stronger--therefore they last longer and fit well. It's a splurge for sure. This is my new one for summer and I'm really happy with it.
#3) MAC Jazzy-Razz Long-Lasting Lip Lustre.
You're not going to believe the price tag on this one. Don't know how long I'm going to be able to keep it up, but I am in love. At first, I only bought this because I had a gift certificate to MAC, and at the time I really needed some lipstick. But it quickly ruined my ability to wear any other brand. The color is the perfect neutral pink...but it's the subtle sparkle gloss that really sets it apart. It leaves your lips with a very Kardashianish glow. And the color stays on all day long. Seriously, people. BUT it costs $22.00 a pop. Phew.
#4) Calvin Klein Little Black Flats.
These are my most favorite flats ever. My hubby got them for me on our 8th anniversary....and I still wear them like they're brand new. They've stayed comfy and shapely thru two years of wear and tear. And I'm really tough on my shoes! I think they were about $80.00, but they make me reconsider buying cheap $10 flats all the time. Those never last like these have.
Do you like the little pose I'm striking for you here? :)
#5) Zero Gravity Chair from Relax the Back.
Love isn't a strong enough word for how I feel about this wonder chair. It's especially designed to relieve pressure off the lower spine, and it works! As soon as I sit down, my back pain lessens. You're able to easily tip it to whatever angle feels most comfortable. So, much UNlike sitting in a regular chair, all pressure points are gone. It's so cozy that when I'm not sitting in it, someone else always is. The thing I personally appreciate best is that it allows me to be out in the living room (where the action is) more...when I otherwise might have to be back in my bedroom lying down. Suh-weet! Unfortunately they're not cheap. But TOTALLY worth it if you've got back problems.
That just about does it for my list of splurges. I'm much too practical to have many more. But all of these come with the Kristen-I-don't-think-you'll-be-sorry seal of approval. Even if you don't have large vats of money down in your basement. :)

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