Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Post!

I'm relieved and elated to share a miracle in answered prayer. Our friends' precious 5 year old daughter, Kate McRae, has been battling aggressive brain cancer for over a year now. Kate's mom, Holly, keeps a beautiful blog written from a mother's heart chronicaling their family's ordeal thru this nightmare. Thousands have followed along and even more have prayed. And yesterday evening....the McRea's got the call they've been waiting for. Kate's latest PET scan came back negative! Had it been otherwise there would be little more to do. Praise God! What a blessed reminder!

A reminder I need this night. Life is hard. This world is not our home. I look around and so many of my friends are dealing with huge, HUGE stuff. It's easy to forget that there is Someone much more powerful than all of it. But there is. There is!


  1. Oh! If there is nothing to praise Him for, THIS I can praise Him for!!! He IS so good, He is so powerful and faithful. Praise God for other's testimonies to give me reason to exult in Him and praise Him with joy! Wow! Thanks for sharing! Praise the Lord! She is so beautiful:):)

  2. PRAISE the LORD! What a beautiful little girl and I am SO happy about her good report. God is certainly in control.

    in His precious, unfailing love,
    ~ ~

  3. Correction: There is ALWAYS something to praise Him for.:):) That sounded bad! I hope you got my meaning. It is alway wonderful when God's great hand is made evident in other's lives and it brings us to praise and rejoice in Him. (There you go, that sounds better:)

  4. No worries, I totally got ya, Katie!
    Thanks for the comment, Melanie.