Friday, January 1, 2010

COPING SPIRITUALLY: It's just not that easy

I am having a hard time putting into “bullet points” ways to cope spiritually when you’re living in pain. I do have lots of ideas written out. Things that have helped my spiritual journey during this painful year and a half. But it seems like right when something is working for me in this category, I am blindsided by some new scenario and my spiritual life ends up taking a toll. And it’s hard to just say, “ok, A. B. C. this is what I need to do….” No, I usually end up on my knees, crying, not understanding, and begging God for mercy. Yes. I have lots and lots of ways I have held onto my faith and my God throughout this ordeal, but it isn’t easy and it's usually hard won. So much is believing in what I cannot see. And trusting in promises that seem far away.
But I do know that it’s worth it. The only power, strength, truth I find is in Jesus. It’s the only thing that gets me thru. It’s the only thing that promises me there is a plan, there is a purpose, and that the God of the universe will help me no matter what.
So forgive me if I never post the last section of the “Coping” blogs. I may get around to it someday, but right now, the little tidbits seem trite in comparison to the serious business of living when you’re in a painful place.
God, send Your best to us this New Year. Let us see Your glory, goodness, and love in very real ways. We boldly ask that you would bless us indeed, let Your face shine on us, and show us Your glory in the land of the living.

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