Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nothing's perfect for too long!

What a week! Our Disney trip went really well, and then we ALL got the flu.
So, for better AND for worse, it's been a week.
I'm really, really glad we did the Disney thing. Even though it took loads of work and effort, it was all totally worth it all. So great to just be out of my house, and especially out of St. Petersburg. And I was able to put to rest the little tickle in my brain taunting me that "Disney is perfect this time of year. If you weren't sick, you would be taking SaraRose and having a marvelous time......." And here's the hilarious thing about that--we rode the Monorail around the evening we got there, and at each stop I watched tired families pour in the doors with cranky, crying, sleepy kids. And I thought to myself "I am SO glad we are not getting off at the Magic Kingdom right now!" It's true. Even me, the Disney Queen, would NOT have fun with those terrible pushing crowds, the insane long lines, and a cranky child (and husband). Yes. A good dose of reality does wonders for me! ;)
Just walking around, seeing the lights, getting free chocolate samples and going back to our hotel was really better than all that. We put on our Christmas PJ's and "It's a Wonderful Life" was on TV. Now, that's my idea of happy, cozy, sweet, family time!
That was all amazing.
Then we came home and got the flu. HA! Isn't that just life for ya? That's our life these days anyway! But, ya know what?! Even as horrible as having the flu is (and add that to just having had back surgery and being in pain), the Lord actually taught me a lot. He was right there with me thru the cold sweats, the vomiting and the fear of HAVING to keep medication down. I won't go into it, but I really think He used that 24 hour sickness to remind me again that He can take care of me even when things are really, really bad. And He knows about the details.
So, there you have it! Nothing is ever easy for very long, but I'm glad I have Him and the support system He's given me by my side thru the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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  1. There are lessons in everything we experience, if only we would pay attention! And you did. I am so glad that through all that you have come out praising God and within it did not close yourself off to what God wanted to teach you or to what you could learn from it. Thank you for being sensitive to the Lord in the good, the bad, and the ugly. And thank you for sharing what you learned so that others might be blessed. A testimony of Him is what we get through ALL of life's battles and blessings, if we would only remain humble before Him. And that is what you have. THANKS!