Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The day in and day out of living a life in pain can seem overwhelming. Here are some tangile ideas to help you make in thru:

Choose not to stay in bed more than necessary Get up, have a cup of coffee. Put on under garments. This helps remarkably to make you feel human or at least MORE human!

Open the curtains (even the door if weather permits) and let the sun shine in.

Do what you need to feel presentable Each person has something that helps lift them out of frumpyland. For me, it’s putting on makeup. Maybe for you it's curling your hair, putting on earrings, or wearing jeans instead of sweatpants. Whatever it is, do it.

Make sure your bed is made every morning Put a blanket on top if you need a cover while you rest in bed at times thruout the day. But if you have to be in bed alot during the day, at least it won’t feel like a sick bed.

Do for others There is nothing like living with pain to make you selfish. It is easy to be consumed by your own needs and discomfort. Some of that is normal, but reaching out, encouraging and doing what you can for someone else in need is good for the soul and can help stop feelings of loneliness.

Watch TV SBolderiously! TV is a great outlet when you need to instantly switch your thoughts or have a laugh. Just be careful to use moderation and wisdom.

Think of an outlet Start a blog (HA!), draw, knit, write, edit pictures or videos, read books or watch movies you’ve never had time for, make crafts for others, take an online class.

Don’t allow yourself to read/watch/hear sad stories It takes concentrated effort to keep from slipping into an emotional pit, and listening to the woes of the world (like on the Nightly News or in stories in Magazines) can unravel that fragile state very easily.

Take the needed medication Pray and be careful to not take more than necessary, but give your body the relief it requires thru appropriate medication.

Prioitize your tasks Each day is filled with small tasks that can become mountains when you are living in pain. First, look at all you would like/need to accomplish that day. Then decide which is the most important and make sure you have the energy to do it. This way you won't run out of steam before the most important event of the day arrives.

Make a list of questions for your doctor You won’t feel as concerned and will be able to clear you mind of worry if you know what you hope to remember in the doctor's office is already written down.

Guard yourself from the “doomsayers” Those people who just want The Scoop or that want to tell you THEIR health problems or stories similar to yours (only with a bad ending.) Literally change the subject, or run the other direction!

Try to stay connected to people I know it is hard when you don’t feel good, but it’s more than important. You need the interaction, you need to give to others, and you need the encouragment and grace that can be found in other people.
Here’s some ideas on keeping connected:

  • Get a laptop and be involved on Facebook. email or Twitter—a community of connection is at your fingertips there.

  • If people have called you, try to call them back at least within the week. If you just can’t, send an email or have someone you know thank them for leaving a message

  • Send out updates on email so you don’t have to keep telling your story over and over.

  • If someone wants to stop by, let them. Even if you may feel your not up for it. It just might be the thing to break up the day and send encouragement your way.

  • Write thank you notes

It is no secret that dealing with pain is hard. But it's crucial to not let it win. Know that no matter what has come your way, there is a plan for your life. It may not look like what you thought, but you can still rock it out!

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