Tuesday, June 1, 2010

pardon the brag....

...but I'm just going to do it anyway :0)

Do you remember in school how awesome it felt when you had worked really hard on a project and then the teacher used YOURS as an example of how everyone else should be doing theirs? Or when you saw that great big "A+" on a paper and you know you deserved it?

Sweet validation!

Well, I can't help but feel a little bit of that healthy pride this morning--

'cause I just got a great reaction from the teacher of my photography class on my latest entry.

And it sweetens the pot that I shot this picture on MANUAL!! The mode I've been intimidated by because it looked so complicated. Well, I am now officially in love with it, and am determined to practice, practice, practice til I get it right.

Sidebar: I've learned that taking good pictures with a DSLR is kind of like playing an instrument. A teacher can show you the ropes, but it takes determination and practice on your own to really become a maestro.

So, Ansel Adams I am not, but here's my photo none-the-less, and the teacher's critique:

"Very cool shot Kristen. Awesome! Great background - the book shelves really add texture and help tell a story here. They are soft enough that they aren't distracting in any way.

The mood of the shot is very dramatic-love that! The composition, exposure, closeness, etc. is all dead on. You nailed it!!!

Way to go girl! Keep up the incredible work. I love the artistic look about this.

Thank you for being in the class and participating all four weeks. Please let me know should you need anything in the future. Blessings, Angie"

Yup. Even at 32 years of age (and that would be 32, as of today--my b-day), that kind of confirmation still feels fantastic!


  1. Wow Kristen! What a beautiful shot! I absolutely love this and would totally put it in a frame! I was always one of those people that HOPED the teacher would use my project as the example haha! Thank you for sharing your blog! I am loving it :)

  2. Hahaha!
    I think it happened in my own life MAYBE three times (and that's calculating kindergarten all the way thru college)! And probably includes a coloring book page. HA!