Sunday, May 23, 2010

More Beth Moore!

Ok, I'll come out and say it. I'm a Beth Moore fan.
It took me a long while to admit since it makes me just like thousands upon thousands of other women out there.
And I tend to roll my eyes at hype. Especially Christian hype.
So for years when people (even those I admired) gushed about all they were learning thru her studies I remained a little rebellious, sluffing it off like "c'mon....what could she possibly have to say that I haven't heard before?" And excuses like "I think her Texas accent will get on my nerves."
Then a few years ago, I kinda commited to doing a Bible Study before I knew it was a Beth Moore one. And let me tell ya, that was of God. Because digging in my heels against the status quo was robbing me of a blessing. The study was life-changing. And I've been on the Beth Moore band-wagon ever since. She really is THAT good. Not her, of course, but God working thru her is just what so many of us weary souls need to see and hear testimony to. There's a reason her ministry is called "Living Proof," because she is living proof to all God can do when you give yourself in abandon to Him.
Having said all that, you'll understand my delight this afternoon when I came across her blog! And since I just learned within this past year what a blog even IS, I'm happy and encouraged to be following along.
And speaking of Beth and blogs, here's a funny little post from the satirical and HILARIOUS "Stuff Christians Like" about "Trying To Explain To Your Husband Why You Love Beth Moore So Much."
True, very true. And exciting to see so many women talking (even gushing) about becoming all God intends us to be.

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