Monday, March 1, 2010

Like mother...

I was driving today with my tiny little two year old in the back seat. And she was singing at the VERY TOP of her lungs "Jesus Love the Little Children." It made me laugh and it touched my heart. And as I listened, I prayed for her. That she would come to know Christ and have His guiding Holy Spirit from an early age. And that she would always love Him and serve him no matter what.

And you know what I heard the Lord say to me? "Then you show her how with your own life, Kristen. Be the woman you hope she'll become some day. Show her what it looks like to keep walking one day at a time with joy; because you're resting in My promises. Don't give up on your faith, no matter what. Don't let Satan discourage you. Keep reading, living out, clinging to the truth in my Word. Keep believing that I am who I say I am. Because if she doesn't see that in you, why would she ever want it for herself?"

So help me to be a true follower of You, Lord, thru all of life's up's and down's. Not just because I need you so much, but also because there's a pair of little eyes watching me.

And whisper in her ear, sweet Jesus. Whisper in her ear.

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