Sunday, May 29, 2011

My favs: the inexpensive edition

I was born with super duper enthusiasm. Which is all fine and dandy. Until it becomes a problem. Like when I really, really like something. I can't just like it, I usually end up loving it, and then I can't stop myself.....I have to GUSH about it.
Given this tendency, I can definitely overdo it at times. Leading the poor person I'm talking with to inevitable disappointment when my recommendation doesn't completely transform their existence on planet earth.
So. I'm going to try hard and not go over board here as I talk about some of my favorite things. I'm just going zip it, and let the product speak for itself when you try it. But seriously. Try it! (See? I'm working it at this. I've only used 1 exclamation point so far :)
The best part about all of these items? --They are under 10 dollars, and they are all seriously fabulous. Wait. Scratch that. They are inexpensive products that will render fine results. ugh. This is going to be difficult. :)
#1 St. Ives Invigorating Face Wash

This is the most tried and true. I've been using it for 10 years, and it's never let me down. If you're looking for an exfoliating nightly cleanser....this is it. It takes make-up off, cleanses beautifully, and leaves skin noticeably soft. Even hands feel smoother after applying.

#2 Loreal Voluminous Mascara This is my most adored. Because I hunted for the perfect mascara for years. I even tried the realllllly expensive stuff. (Another confession: my eyelashes are stubby and short. So much so I often wear falsies.) So are you feeling me here? I need a good mascara. Then I found this. The most perfect, thick but not sticky, soft but long-lasting, dark but not clumpy black mascara. And it has stood the test of time. I truly believe it's the best out there, and believe me, girlfriend has tried them all. (uh-oh. It think I just slid into gushville)

#3 Revlon Gray Suede Nail Polish, 705

This is a fashionable find. Neutral nail polish is not only "in" right now, but it is also lovely and practical. It doesn't scream "I HAVE NAIL POLISH ON!" yet it provides nice color and an easy look for any occasion. I've tried several different neutral shades, but this one is just right. Not too pink, not too brown, not too grey. And it's longer lasting than several pricey OPI polishes I've worn.
#4 Gap City Flats (just pretend my feet are nicely tanned in this picture for full effect)

My most recent fav. I originally read how fabulous these little shoes are from Ree (you know, my best friend who I've never met....The Pioneer Woman). But when I saw Big Mama also mentioned how comfy they are, I had to take this matter into my own hands. With back issues, a cute flat is my friend. And these truly are very, very comfy. And very,very cute. Given how they look hanging up I never would have even glanced at them, but seeing them on is a different story. And they come in an array of fun colors. There were tons on sale at Gap now. Originally $29.99, I brought 2 pairs at $7.98 each. And I'm glad I did.

Ok so there you go. Go try some of these for yourself and see if any have YOU gushing.

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  1. Love it! I might even post my own fav's. I have a few now that I am realizing I am not so young anymore and don't wake up looking so fresh as I once did. Thanks for sharing. I will have to try that mascara, I have been picking different ones each time I go back. Got any favorite lipstick/glosses? Glad you found some great flats at such a great price! Gotta love those sales! Wait until July!