Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Betcha my life is gonna be swell...

I'm so thankful that recently I got to be an acting coach for a production of Annie.

And I reeeaaaaalllllly mean that when I say thankful.

Because the story behind the story is this:

If there's one thing I've never had to work very hard to be good at, it's acting and theater. It's just always come naturally. From the time I was five years old and acting out Little House on the Prairie scenes in my bedroom :) I've loved it, studied it, and participated in it whenever possible.

I can look at a script and instantly see beyond the words to how lines should be interpreted, how the action would best play out, what drives each character and so on. That may not sound riveting to a lot of folks, but to me it's the most thrilling stuff evah! Heart-pounding excitement. I absolutely love it.

I don't say that to boast. I say that to say it's a gift. We all have those things that come as easy as breathing.


(these days it seems there's often a "but" associated with bliss--a stretching and a growing added to the thing that was once easy).

I've had to hold acting with an open hand, especially these past few crazy years. I've truly wondered if I'll ever do it again. Why? Well, opportunities aren't always readily available. And when they are, you have to be on your A-game. Any director speaks of the actor's body as their instrument. And my instrument is in constant pain and pretty badly broken.

So I have wondered.

And along with other losses, it has at times seemed a hard blow.

But I though wondered, the thought didn't crush me like it might have before.

Because, you see, God and I did serious business with theater's priority in my heart long ago. My desire for it no longer looms too largely in my life.

It is something I love, am gifted at, and look to God to use as He sees fit. If I never get to do it again, that's ok. It's only a gift to give back to Him anyway. It's been encouraging to see thru this trial and suffering that I truly do believe that.

I think that's partly what made this recent play so sweet and happy for me. It wasn't something I felt entitled to. Or something I secretly felt too good for.

No. I was thrilled to be a part. Excited to coach 7th graders into being the best they could be. Happy my talent filled a need. Reassured that God will still use my gifts. Savoring the opportunity as blessing and favor from Him. And every bit of it was super fun.

Just being able to use terms like "blocking," "scene 5," "stage right," and "curtain call" again soothed something in my soul. A very good feeling. A hopeful kind of feeling. Like everything is in it's proper place.

And I got to have this little face sitting next to me most rehearsals. Fun? I think so. And here she is singing her own rendition of "Tomorrow"--anything to get out of eating dinner :)

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