Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Beth Moore Siesta Celebration (Or, Whew. I Did It :)

Well, I am back! If you read this blog pretty much at all, you know what an accomplishment this trip was for me.
Here's a little recap of everything.
This celebration was only for those of us who memorized Scripture all year and honestly, I never thought I'd be able to go.  I started memorizing just because I really wanted to internalize Psalm 139, and I knew if that was going to happen…I’d need accountability to get ‘er done. But as the year progressed and I memorized and memorized and got to verses 18…..19…..20….I started to think, maybe, just maybe I could go to the Celebration in January.
But that was a MASSIVE maybe.
Because of the pain I live with.
I haven't done anything on my own like that since all my surgeries, and the huge life adjustment.
And it's just a fact that I rely on a ton of help from other people, and need lots of rest to live my life.
But I really wanted to do it.  So I asked for the money for Christmas and booked my flight and rental car.  YIKES.
But. I did it, and I must say: I am proud.
And I also had a wonderful  time!  
My hotel was gorgeous and I met a ton of fun, sweet women (this world is filled with SO MANY awesome people, don’t you think?).

But best of all, was the Celebration. It was held at Houston’s First Baptist Church, which is where Beth’s Bible Study “Living Beyond Yourself” was filmed.  That was the first study of hers I ever did, and God spoke to me in big ways thru it.  So that was fun and strangely comforting to see it up close and personal.

There were women from all over that had memorized thru the year, but it was still a relatively intimate group of us. And I got a great seat.
Then, it started! 
And Lord have mercy, was the worship amazing! I GOT MY PRAISE ON, people!  I had to laugh when I totally pulled a Miss America 2012 and forgot to wear waterproof mascara!  Um, duh. When the Holy Spirit shows up, it better be waterproof. :) But what a fantastic night! 
Beth brought a WORD from 2 John.  Those of you who have done her studies can just imagine. 
After the event was over, we had a group picture, and after that, I waited my turn and got to speak with and hug Beth. Oh, yes I did. I felt so honored for the opportunity; not many others got to do that.  It’s so sweet to be able look straight in the eye and talk with someone God has used to  profoundly speak truth and growth into your life.  Then she squeezed my hand and hugged me too.
So I pretty much consider us besties now. 
Me and my new BFF
I also got to chat with her daughter Amanda and meet two other bloggers, Melanie (Big Mama) and Sophie (BooMama) who write hilarious blogs that I love reading.

So, that was Friday, and I don’t think I have ever been so relieved to see a big, king-sized bed in my life. 
Saturday morning, I breakfasted with some of the sweet girls I’d met the night before and then followed them to the church for the conclusion of the event.  I had flashbacks of AWANA when we had to get with a partner and recite our verses.  But I did good!  I even got an extra gift for being able to say all 24 from the whole year.  See, AWANA?  Have I redeemed myself yet? (AWANA and I have a complicated relationship.  I loved it; it didn’t love me back.)
But seriously, it was a powerful, beautiful service and lucklily this time, I remembered the waterproof!
By the time it was over, my poor back was SCREAMING at me, so I had to bow out of lunch plans to go back to the hotel and rest, but I rested in satisfaction knowing that I had done it. The biggest part of the whole adventure was over.  And I had gotten to meet Beth Moore. :)

The most difficult part of the whole experience for me was THE DRIVING. Ugh. I had very detailed maps (thank you, Andrew) of each place I had to go, but I pretty much got lost every single time I got out on those crazy, crisscrossing streets.  So I avoided driving around out at all costs.  It was only in the car, lost, all by myself that I heard myself screaming “WHAT WAS I THINKING??! I SHOULD NEVER HAVE DONE THIS!!!”  
But, I knew deep down I didn’t really mean it.
It was totally worth it. 
But believe me when I say…. I AM glad to be back home!


  1. This is a wonderful post! I can't believe you got a squeeze from Beth! So jealous :). I'm glad you came and fought through the pain. BTW, I got lost all the time in Houston, too!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Brittany! I'm glad I'm not alone in the getting lost thing. OH MY!!
    I had such a great time and am really glad I did it. Just loved all the wonderful people there.

  3. Wow. Awesome. I am so glad you got to go. And, btw.. I have yet to see Beth Moore look older than when I first saw her. It actually looks like the reverse. Maybe it's the blonde:) Anyways... (side trail) I hope you are having a great day and I hope to coffee with you soon! AND, last but not least, good job memorizing all those verses girlie!