Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Before Thanksgiving

Have I been down today, or what?! Since you haven't been here with me, I'll just fill you in that yes. Yes I have. It's one of those days I absolutely cannot snap out of it. And that coming from a gal who, if I do say so myself, has learned quite bravely to live with a smile while in constant pain. And it's even worse that it's right before a holiday that's totally all about being THANKFUL. Everywhere I turn there are chipper lists of happy things.....
and I feel like a louse for feeling a bit miserable!
There are several reasons I'm in a funk, but they all pretty much stem from my back pain which hasn't changed since my latest surgery. It's hard to describe the disappointment something like that brings. You put all your hopes in this one horrible basket and then.........nothing. And then there's the other considerable losses chronic pain brings with it. Today, it's all just felt a little too much to handle (in a mature fashion). So I've cried. Alot.

I think I might run out now and buy the 7th Harry Potter book, maybe that will help things. ;) I'm just now reading thru the series (and loving it, I might add) but I just so happen to be on the last book the same week the last movie came out. So, at the library every single HP book was checked out. So, of course Miss Sensitive Today cried about that too! Seriously. It's been an emotional day.

I'm sure tomorrow will be better. That's the great thing about a new day. There is always the promise of fresh starts and a rested spirit.

And at least I don't have it as bad as poor Harry. ;) What with all the grown-ups he loved dead and Voldemort on his tail. Sheesh. That's one thing I can be thankful for! :)

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  1. You crack me up. Not too much Harry potter lingo please or you'll have to change your domain name:):) You are very funny. Thank you for posting. It is good to read what is going on in that head/heart of yours. It is good to stay conneted. Luv ya.