Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This post is going to be a nice antidote to my last one....because despite several disappointments this past month, this weekend brought with it a dream fulfilled.

It's no secret I'm a Disney fan. I've dreamed about taking my own child to the Magic Kingdom way before I ever even had a boyfriend! ;0)

After one difficult pregnancy, and two surgeries since she was born, Andrew, me and little SaraRose finally made it!

And it was everything I hoped it would be.

I felt God's love for me in every little moment---it wrapped around me, tangible and real. My Lord knew that this was a big deal to me. He knew I'd waited and prayed for it. He knew I wanted it to be perfect. So when it finally happened, He made it extraordinarily beautiful!

See God's wink in the sky above us?

Just look at her little face!

Meeting SilverMist and Tinkerbell was the highlight of the day. So sweet and special I couldn't hold back my tears as we turned to leave. They gave her "pixie dust" she held tight in her little hand the rest of the night.

The Disney fireworks are nothing short of fantastic! They NEVER disappoint.And our very favorite spot to eat (a tradition Andrew and I started on our many journey's to Dowtown Disney just the 2 of us), Wolfgang Pucks. MMMM, I can taste it now! And the ambiance is delightful! Check out the SilverMist doll SaraRose scored too! ;0)

See? Beautiful. Dare I say, even MAGICAL?! ;0)

And being able to sense God's particular love for me thruout the days was refreshing. Just what this down-cast spirit needed. And it made me wonder....why do I get so easily offended at Him? Because in the end He always comes thru! Somehow. It's just hardly ever in the sweeping, epic, way I want Him to. Most of the time it takes a while. So long in fact, I begin to wonder if He's forgotten my dreams and desires completely.

But this weekend?.....this weekend WAS epic. He was there, giving me all I wanted and more. It was His way of saying, "Kristen...HELLO! I see you, I hear you....CALM DOWN! ;0) And I DO come thru for you in big ways sometimes, just stop complaining and let me show ya....!"

And when you take that and mix a little bit of Disney pixie dust with it?! Well, it just doesn't get any better than that in this girl's opinion ;0)

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